Friday, March 30, 2012

whats going on in my "studio"

I painted this finally last week......
so I could make these note cards.

This week I worked on wedding pins.......

My" pinspiration" a combination of this and this
remember I made this garland.......

there is a method to my mad ness!!!
I have a vision.
All of this is for the rustic rehearsal dinner.
Add mercury glass, canning jars and wildflowers.

for their front door

For the cake table

For our birdcage
my "pinspiration"-
is at the and I cant link to it
Im not gonna join. frown.

And for those of you wanting to check in with little G.
I know this is blurry,
but I took 4 photos of this and
this one is the best I could get.
I caught her in her bed.
tucking her baby in and mumbling- praying?
then kissing her baby on the forehead
"ni ni"
Gosh she is really growing up.......

(yes she is wearing her rainbow scarf- with the A/C on)

Under His wings,


  1. I can't wait to see the photos of the actual rehearsal dinner and wedding!! Everything you've been making just looks...AMAAAAAZING!!! I love the rustic idea. Those are the best weddings. Beautiful.

    And Little G playing with her doll and putting her to bed??? Omg, priceless...

    1. I know, I cant wait to see all the hard work pay off. I know its gonna be sweet. the wedding will be more colorful and like the bride. But since we are throwing the rehearsal dinner this will be a representation of what the groom and his family are like. Well, and what I can do on a budget. I have found that if you allow yourself time and shop sales, work hard you dont have to have $$$. It brings me great satisfaction and Id love to do this as a career. Maybe one day I can work with my GF. wink.
      (Lil G putting her baby to bed= I KNOW!!!! choked me up. These little glimpses of her being a normal toddler just KILL ME! I can remember 19 mos ago thinking things would look very different and being scared half outta my mind. It took lots of prayers, faith and trust to get here.

  2. Loving your work especially the notelets. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  3. That humming bird and the teacup made my jaw drop. Love the painting and I'm glad you made it into a card. Love all the wedding decorations too.

    1. Sabina, thank you for such a kind comment. I did the first note cards as a fundraiser for our adoption. While we stayed in Ecuador our host family had this set of tea cups that we drank tea out of in the mornings and special occasions. I knew when we arrived at home I needed to do another "tea for two" painting Ecuador style. You cant see the real gold rim on the painting or the litter on the hummingbirds green wings and red throat. I LOVE it and want to get both originals framed to hang in my home.

  4. Love your sweet hummingbird painting!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. LOVE the hummingbird. He looks ready to flit away. Gorgeous. How do you make the notecards? That's a great idea.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, every part of it! Letters on text, sweet banners, and oh my, little G!!! How sweet she is!

  7. Gorgeous painting and will make beautiful note cards

  8. Wow, your hummingbird is stunning! I love all the projects you are working on. Your daughter is so sweet!

  9. Oh my goodness... how sweet is that! What a precious moment you captured! Love the hummingbird! Your wedding pretties are looking so beautiful! My sister is getting married this year and she is also going to use jars and wildflowers! :)

    1. thank you Jennifer! It was a sweet moment. Lil G has brought so much grace and beauty into each day. I was able to teach at Special Olympics today so now I only have the wedding on my "to do" list- well that and get my crazy house cleaned!

  10. Beautiful preparations for the wedding. Your note cards are gorgeous - love the little hummingbird.

  11. These decorations are going to be great. If they don't already love you, they will after seeing these.

    1. I sure hope they love me no matter what. ;) wink.

  12. Love your work, beautiful! <3 HPPF!


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