Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Middle child of mine......

Nathen- gift of God. ( a link to my post two years ago)

We had no idea-
When we chose the name.
We were clueless, and young.
Really, I was his age when he was born......
this year he is exactly half my age.....
in just seconds life can go spinning out of control
the day he was born was one of those days in my life.
My sister-in-law and father-in-law saw him
held him
before I did.
Those first scary moments,
the Dr wept when my son cried before he could even get him all the way out.
He was in good hands
Before I could be able to touch him
God had it covered.
This was in the days before cell phones,
maybe we had pagers tho......
Our Lamaze instructor literally RAN across the parking lot
to be there for /with us.
She said it was the scariest monitor tape she had ever seen.
She had been in the business for a.long.time.

Gift of God.

He taught me about dirt,
the love of history,
(2003 Snowshoe Mtn IBO world Championships- red hat)

(this was in the backyard before he gave me a glimpse of what 2.5 gal of gas can do)

He taught me about hunting....

he taught me of volkswagen beetles,
and how to really dislike home schooling......

He taught me about dieting,
and bodybuilding,
and completing a course in Massage Therapy
and decide it wasnt what was on the list to do.....
but complete what he started anyhow.......

and how to trust God
in a new way.
With his dimples and long eyelashes,
and piercings........

Preparing for his wedding
in exactly two months
from today.....


on another note........
I want to thank Becca for nominating me for "versatile blogger award"
I really will get to it......
I am horrible at these things.
But I felt like today I needed to just celebrate this man.
This day.

and tomorrow.....
Tomorrow I will share about a special man,
Today was his first day in heaven.
He took Gods word to heart.
and lived it.
not just words on a page.

What a day of contrasts.
Under His wings,

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  1. A VERY happy birthday to your handsome son!! This is a beautiful post, Anna. And I look forward to your Versatile Blogger post, but honestly, I look forward to *all* of your posts. :-)


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