Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wanna go outside?

Look what I found yesterday?!
During lunch I said,
"We will go outside to play.
Let me finish eating and we will put your shoes and socks on."

I guess little G decided to do it herself.
I walked in to see her with one sock on.
(the socks were one inside the other, how I put them away.)
Truely cause for celebration!!!


  1. Little?? Oh we know differently, don't we my friend. these are the rejoicing moments. the wow moments. The beauty in the simple, which in our world is never, not ever, simple.

    Yeah for sweet G!!

  2. Oh, that's super fantastic!!! Socks are NOT easy, and it wasn't until Samantha was learning that I realized just. how. hard. it. really. is. Great job, Little G!!!


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