Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Versatile blogger????

So I, like Becca, just dont know what to think about this award?
It seems to me like a nice way of saying ADD blogger,
I read somewhere out in Blog-land-
that we are supposed to ask the question:
"who am I speaking to out there?"
taps microphone, clears throat,
"Is there anyone out there?"
"Is anyone listening?"


If you read my title,
yeah up there with Lil Gs adorable pic
there arent many people out there
that would find my blog posts applicable
each, and every day.
Some of you may see the title of my post for the day,
your eyes glaze over and click,
you move on in your blog reader.
I try not to get my feelings hurt.
Cuz really,
how many people
love to read about

knitting, purling, slip slip knit, casting on, frogging, stockinette stitch
I-800, Hague convention , home studies, orphans, bonding/ attachment, PAD
Art journaling, HB lead, 140lb cold pressed, .5mm rapidograph, sketching
faith, grace, scripture, The Message, United Methodist Church, communion
DS, the "R" word, low muscle tone, opthamologist appointments, pincer skills

see I told you, there was something in that list that made you think," HUH?"

So is versatile a good thing?
I dont know.
I see how many followers other blogs have
I see all the comments
I long for that.

that is not why I started blogging,
or continue to blog.
There are just so many thoughts,
So many communities that have reached out,

photo here
Ill share on

"Lets celebrate creating!!!" (I think "I really am an artist!" )

"You know, I struggled during the wait of our adoption, it changed me."
(I think,"whew, Im not the only one.")

I have a voice,
and I hope that what I have to say helps someone out there.
No matter how many things I ramble on about, each one is important.
Cuz theres no reason for someone to think/ feel like they are the only one.
We all need community.

To now get to the big juicy details of the award,
well awards......
I was also tagged in a MEME by Dawn on Feb 18th.
(yeah a whole month!!! eeek)
Im just gonna do a 2 fer 1 deal.

Dawns Meme:
1. what is your greatest food weakness? Food.
2.what is your favorite activity? depends on the day. No favorites here: knitting, painting
3. if I gave you $1,000 what would you donate it to? THIS adoption.
4. What is one dream you had that has changed since childhood?
5. what is your favorite book of the Bible?
6. what is something you like to do by yourself? restroom. really. dont walk in. even in a public restroom.
7. What would be your dream vacation? Okay, there are two: visit my sister in Germany and Id love to see Italy for myself. You know, the water and colors and historical sights.
8. what would you do with a whole day to yourself? Id want to paint all day given the mood Im in right now. Realistically Id prolly just stare into space afraid of really grabbing the bull by the horns and "just doing it".( hey, were being real here.)
9.what is the worst chore you have to do? (or as my grandma would say you get to do ;) Ummm howabout clean the kitchen. yeah, I hate that one the most.
10. Who is the person that has most influenced you life?
11. Why do you blog? (um, if you skimmed over all those words up top, or have forgotten re-read above.)

I find it interesting that Becca was given the Versatile blogger award on Feb 18th too?!

Here are the rules:

1.) Add the Versatile Award graphic on your blog post. (Check)
2.) Thank the Blogger who nominated you. (Check)
3.) Share seven random things about yourself.(check- I just listed eleven)
4.) Nominate fifteen fellow bloggers. (uh nope- if you want to play go for it!!! Consider yourself chosen! Cuz you know if you are versatile or not!)
5.) Inform bloggers of their nomination.

Im moving on.
I have so many things on my "to do list"
that my head is spinning.
(hope you enjoyed my Spring photos from my Lent commitment)

Under His wings,


  1. Hehehehe - this post made me laugh!! I think you're one of the most versatile bloggers I know. You totally proved that in your list above. Wow!

    Um, yeah, I don't like cleaning the kitchen, either...

    Btw, I LOVE Little G's room - sooooo adorable!

  2. I enjoy your blog. I don't comment much on blogs, but I go through and do have several that I read and yours is one of them. Little G is adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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