Friday, March 9, 2012

A visitor in my garden

(we had a visitor in our garden today)

I was wondering if he was finding lunch
or looking for materials to build a nest.

( this is a box of large coffee filters ready to assemble and make large pom poms)

For the large pom poms it takes 32 for each- I have enough for 9.
Here is my pin-spiration for this idea.

this is how many I have done for the smaller pom poms
there are enough here to make 114.
It takes 6 coffee filters for each one- they will be about 6 in diameter.
I will spread them about 12 in. apart on twine/ string of some sort.
Baby steps it feels like- for my sons wedding reception.

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  1. Wonderful painting of the Cardinal that came to visit ~ Wow! ~ well done ~ namaste, carol ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  2. Wow, those finished pom poms are beautiful!! Can't wait to see yours! How do you dye the coffee filters?

    We have a lot of cardinals in our yard - they live in the evergreen trees behind the house. This morning and yesterday morning there was a particularly boisterous male sitting on top of our chimney just singing away!

    Btw, I nominated you on my blog today!!

  3. Such a lovely painting!! Yay for visiting birds!!!

  4. What a beautiful painting of the cardinal! This year I am practicing drawing birds- they are so beautiful, aren't they? Patsy from

  5. Beautiful painting!! What a nice surprise to get a visit from a cardinal... and those colored coffee filters! They must be beautiful once they're all done up. So crafty!! Happy PPF. xoxo

  6. the cardinal is just beautiful and those coffee filters look quite sculptural all stacked like that...xx

  7. Love your little birdy, such lively character. Well Done!

  8. A gorgeous cardinal! They like to hang out with the chickadees in my yards. Love it when they visit!

    Good luck with those pompoms - what a great Mom you are to do all that!

  9. Beautiful cardinal painting.
    Have always been partial to cardinals since it is our baseball team in St. Louis! Go, Cards!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. lovely cardinal! i have heard them this week on my walks! your pom poms look like fun!! happy PPF!

  11. Ohh... your cardinal is so pretty! We have one around our yard too. They are so beautiful to watch! Wow, now that is a lot of coffee filters! Your pom poms are going to look so good! :)

  12. I just luv cardinals. Aren't they a treat when they suddenly visit your yard with their brightly colored feathers.You painted this fella beautifully and those pompoms are gorgeous, they will be beautiful for your son's wedding.
    Thanks for sharing this craft with us.
    Annabelle ; )

  13. wonderful painting of the cardinal! love watching birds...

  14. How wonderful! We have a cardinal around here, too, but he doesn't let us see him for very long. I really like your painting! Have fun making those pom-poms, looks like fun :)

  15. Not sure if my comment posted the first time? Well, if it didn't , I love your cardinal painting and those pom-poms look like a lot of fun!! :)

  16. What a wonderful journal page to document your cute redheaded visitor!

    ...and I just love using coffee filters! Cheap and floofy....can't beat that :)

  17. Your cardinal is beautiful!!!!How fun with the pom poms!Deb

  18. What a beautifully bright and colorful visitor :)

    I bet that pom-pom garland is going to be fabulous (be sure to take pictures)!


  19. so lovely. I cannot wait to see those colored pom poms!


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