Thursday, March 15, 2012

A little Spring cleaning????

A productive day.......
it all started with this......

How can anything be created here?!
I banished the wedding crafts to the top of the filing cabinet

a stamp collection in this.........
and now in this antique canning jar.

a beautiful collection of leaves.
all red and yellow heart-shapes.
raining down.....

lets just save a few.....

I freed up a drafting table so I could sketch
and paint a little....
with some pan watercolors and
a new travel waterbrush that
I LOVE!!!!

then I opened my Art potfolio
and found a beautiful mess.....

spread everything out and sorted through
years and years
of watercolor creations.

sorting through what can be shown at our churchs
Art Gala next weekend.

I am hoping that all I do is honoring to God
that it will be a beautiful offering.
An offering of Thanksgiving.
Im trying to keep perspective-

Under His wings,


  1. oh friend i love your work, your heart, the way you want to honor God... it's all beautiful.

  2. What encouragement--to honor God in all we do, every painting an offering. I, too, love your heart!


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