Thursday, February 17, 2011

A day at the park

My sister and her twin daughters drove over for the day.
The girls are such a delight.
We had a great time at our local park.

Litle G even got some play time in with her shadow.....

My sister has an incredible camera and took lots of photos while we were playing.
The day ended on an odd note, little G's lips lost their color and she wasnt acting herself. Part of me felt like it might be her blood sugar, I was finally able to get apple juice in her thanks to my sister .....
so Little G gets to make a visit to the Doctor tomorrow.
I'm not sure if I feel like its overreacting or not.
(she did this once last month too but I thought it was due to us having the flu- even tho she never got it and looking back it was a random incident.)

My doctor has been doing her job longer than Ive been mothering little G so I will leave the decision in her hands and see what she thinks......

Oh and BTW.... little G lost TWO contacts this week! Of course the second one HAD to be the one I just put fresh into the rotation!!!!(not the mate to the first one) My sister suggested sunglasses that Little G had to wear each time we were riding in the car/truck. Sheesh.....

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