Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Mountian moving Jehovah Jireh

If youve been with me from the get-go you will remember how GOD DID what was needed to bring our sweet little G home...... Things just fell into place clickety clack up until we hit a HUGE road block. I kept having faith tho'. I kept reading scripture and resting (as much as I could) in His word and grace.( i must admit that some days were better than others mind you!)

We had finally hit the point
that papers expired
and it really would take
and doing a miracle
for it to happen.

It was hard, but God had not told us to walk away. I was even to the point of re-doing all the paperwork if He said so. Because if I was to be little Gs mother, then that was what I needed to set my mind to accomplishing.

But if this wasnt about adopting her.....
then we would walk away.
I tell you,
it was a
to be.
The mother in me wept and groaned in ways I didnt know you could grieve.
I have lost loved ones,
but this was different.

God did it.

Things were never "perfect" while we were in her country.

But no matter
how messy
and impossible it got.....
we still flew home without having to reschedule our flight dates and pay the fees......

My oldest daughter and I were together last weekend and we were talking about how well little G is doing. Remarkably well.....

and my daughter made the comment," Mom, you know she was MEANT to be yours. You are the best person for the job. God knew you would be the perfect mom for little G."

While I was grieving the loss of another precious little girl we thought God wanted us to adopt.... God was providing our sweet little girl....
something that really was difficult for someone else,
was my answer to prayer.

The biggest lesson I can say that I learned through this whole faith journey is two- fold, this path to little G......

I know Gods voice.
Many many times I felt unsure.
But I learned that he loved me more than my earthly father.
My earthly father made sure I knew what he expected of me, and he was human. My God would make sure I knew without a doubt in my mind what he wanted and expected..... the second part is that I need to rest in that knowledge. Many times we hear a gospel that preaches something other than what I read in my Bible.

If its Gods plan it will happen like this or that..... it will be easy.

I can tell you from experience.
We knew it was what we were supposed to be doing.
We knew he hadnt said to walk away....
but to others
it looked like God had shut the door.

I am rejoicing now.
I am receiving the blessings of being little G's mother.....
and that perseverance that produces character that is mentioned in the New Testament.

THIS is how you get it...... Im definitely not proud. But I have to say I have developed some serious character through this.
And it is good.....
it is very good.

This is our story, our faith journey......
If youd like to read one in the very beginnings read this bloggers post here.
I cant wait to see the "end of the story"

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. AMEN SISTER!!!!! God has done miraculous things in your family and in mine :) Taught us both things we would not have ever even thought of, but THANK GOD for HIS GRACE to us :)


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