Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday was a full day.
I had a long "to do " list but felt huge relief to get it all done.
A package is headed to Virginia, a family we know is headed to the Orphanage for a visit. There is a special little someone there that will get some extra TLC.

I had completely forgotten I had a re-check Appointment with my Opthamologist.
I dont know how I can remember one day and the very next day forget.
Im just thankful that I keep all my reminders on the fridge organized.
Little G went down for a nap and I headed out the door.

Many of my special Valentine plans for the day went out the door with me.

My appointment didnt go quite as I expected.
Please pray for me/us reguarding this.
As an artist my eyesight is something I hold dear......
I have an appointment with a specialist next week.

Today is a new day filled with Revelations Bible study this morning and I will return home to prepare yummy good-ness for my family like I had planned for yesterday.

I think Little G has a crush,
She heard Josh Groban in concert last night at my daughers house on their larger than life TV. He sang a song in Italian then one in Spanish and she was hooked. She found a dog toy to use as a microphone and sang her heart out with him......
I wonder if she will enjoy my Valentines Day gift from husband "The story of your life " by Matthew West CD...........

I pray today is filled with blessings and love....

Under His wings,

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  1. Awww I can see her singing and dancing with such a sweet spirit into the doggy now :)
    Praying for you my friend.


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