Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dr Visit

I was able to see my new/old Dr this week after waiting for a "new patient" appointment. She spent a good amt of time going over my records and complaints. Wasnt able to pick up the meds for my back on the way home because she had the perscription faxed. Next time I will make sure to ask for paper perscriptions so I dont have to get out again.(just let son pick them up on the way home from his class yesterday-whats one more day in pain???) I go back in a month and she will be holding me accountable.

Its a good thing.

Not much blogging when the chair is very uncomfortable.....

It hurts to sit, stand , walk, lie down.

The new meds are helping so I am hoping to be off and running/ blogging again soon!
(the dry mouth and lack of ambition have alot to be desired but at least my back isnt screaming constantly!!!)

BTW: Last week little G learned to use a stool to get in and out of the bed on her own, get on the potty by herself and I quit doing much of her dressing routine for her. She had already learned many of these things but the adoptive mommy in me felt the need to do for her. (and Ive read the adoptive children have an inner need, no matter what the age, to be babied by their new mommy as well......) I taught her how to knee- up to the couch and her booster seat to eat. The only thing I need to figure out is how to facilitate her getting up in the carseat. I may move it back to the middle again so there is room. Just dont know. I felt very strongly about her being in the bigger carseats because they offer so much more protection than the booster types. My little Jetta just doesnt allow much space though...... I saw Target has booster seats on sale and a $5 coupon would make it CHEAP-O. But you go back to the fact that there isnt any support if she falls asleep in the car and the lack of protection.....

Enough rambling.
My complaints seem so small when compared to things other families are going through right now.......

I remain,
on my heating pad,
Under His wings,


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