Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its" Easy E's" Birthday

2003 at IBO world championships

Graces gotcha day in Quito Ecuador....

Aug 2010 at Cracker Barrel. YAY Eric!

Aug 2010- Barely home from Ecuador

Feb 2011 at the park

Easy E, you are such a delight!
Im so thankful for Medical advances that allowed you to be part of Gods story in our family.(E was born with RH incompatibility... a huge drama 17 years ago. My mothers brother died from the same thing.)
I see so many incredible things He is doing in your life!
May God continue to keep His hand on you
as you mature into the man He desires you to be.....

A day late and a dollar short....
this is what happens when you "save" instead of "publish" your post.

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