Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I just found this website.
I hope someone reading
might find something helpful.
I cant wait for some time to sift through it.
I have an IPAD on my "want" list
she has an incredible list of Apps.
So if you have one
or have been wondering.....
it seems like the place to go .....

Little G was such a sweetie today.
I have set Barney on my DVR for her,
along with Sesame street.
You shouldve seen her dancing with Barney and Baby Bop.
Im not a fan of the green and purple dino I might add.
But it made her happy.

Little G said Grandma for the first time two days ago.
My parents dont live close by so its pretty huge.
(my mother sent her a Valentine which she carries around part of most every day)

I go to pick up Reece in a few min.
And pay the HUGE dane-sized vet bill.
I have to look at the positives.
She is feeling MUCH better
and we will have her around to enjoy awhile longer.

The biggest of todays news.....
Ive really saved the best for last.....
Its E's 17th birthday!
Where did the time go????

Little G ADORES her brother.....

I remain,
Under HIs wings,

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