Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its a HUGE cake to ice dear friend..........

During this whole "bonding" process, well the whole adoption process too.... I found myself in the midst of dealing with past and present issues.(Dear Lord hear me, they will NOT be future issues!)
In trying to earn love,
in trying to be "good enough"
to be loved by friends,
and this new little one.....
then add colds and viruses,
WINTER- (do you hear what Im saying when I say winter? So cold I hurt. Rainy cloudy weather.....)
and my back.....

Its a HUGE cake to ice dear friend.....
the layers keep stacking up
you keep making more icing for the next layer and before you know it.....
but a

for those of you that have little ones,
for those of you with little ones with special needs.
Please go over and read this and this posts.
Im not saying that I was/am in this desperate of a situation.
I am just saying that its just been a hard journey.
Going through the adoption waiting,
dealing with the reality of the unknown,
which brings up old issues....
its just hard.
I wanted to share these links in case they might help someone else......

I remain,
Under His wings,

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