Monday, February 21, 2011

Sick as a dog......

Im afraid Little G's friend is not well.......
Our Great Dane Reece is eleven....
old in Great dane years.

I am a glass half empty kind of girl
to tell you the truth
I was in shock that she was still here when we got home from Ecuador.
I kept having that feeling that something would happen
while we were gone and
I wouldnt have been able to say
the kind of good bye you say
you know
its your very last......

Husband has taken her to the Vet.
Im here with little G....
This is what she is wering today
a dress knit for her homecoming gift.
I love the peach color with her skin.....


  1. G you are the cutest!!! Love that color :)

    Sorry about your fun for anyone... :(

  2. The vet bill is so so upsetting. Its like they know we are once a year people so they are going to get every cent we havent given them over the years all in one Kablam...... He left her there overnight and I have little G down for a nap to go pick the dog up. sigh.


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