Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12-31 for 21

Day 12...... this is also Wednesday. The day I like to "yarn along"
I wasnt so sure if I was gong to be able to link knitting
with Down Syndrome awareness once again.
I am sad that It will...... read and you will see why.

I follow several blogs related to Down Syndrome,
I have since we had Victoria in our home....
learning about infantile spasms
Learning about Cerebal Palsy.....
Even tho I dont "know" the families out there
Its like Ive been reading their diary for years,
following along as children have been born,
new diagnosis
new stages and seasons.
Weve lost little ones along the way,
Due to heart conditions,
and Leukemia
My heart has grieved once again this week
as Ive read about loss again.
A family that lost their little one with DS last spring
right before we flew Ecuador to meet our daughter.
They have spent the last eighteen months grieving her loss....
and its hit hard again.

I am praying for them.
That through the grief they dont loose sight of God.
While I am praying I am knitting.....

thankful for Yarn that was loved
yarn that my little one helped me wind into a "ball"
That she learned a new word with.....

that I had fallen in love with a pattern and cast on
not knowing who this shawl would be for.
now I know.

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