Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27 Pinhole cameras -perspective

"My personal life may be crowded with small, petty happenings,
altogether insignificant.
But if I obey Jesus Christ
in the seemingly random circumstances of life,
they become pinholes through which I see the face of God."
Oswald Chambers.

I read this quote on another blog
and it make me think of today,
and yesterday.
"One thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp
has taught me to look at things differently.
To see things through a new lens, a new perspective.
Choose thankfulness.
How different things look through this lens.
(freshly painted room - Glidden Sweet buttered corn)

As I was getting last minute things done this morning
before we move oldest daughter back home
I was slicing peaches to freeze.

I saw the colors and patterns and called husband to come look
Come see the colors and how it looks like
God water colored the streaks and texture on them
I grabbed my camera and started taking picture after picture to capture that moment.
The day fully of busyness
but moments needing to be captured
Needing to pause to see Gods hand.
Then reading that quote several hours later....
And it got me to thinking of my childhood.
I loved getting World Magazine-
I was thinking about the issue
where they had the instructions
maybe a cardboard template for a pinhole camera.
Me capturing moments
through a pinhole
seeing the face of God
graces of God.....
My boys/now men all sitting in the living room
the deep voices filling up the room
my heart overflowing
that we can be together and love on each other
when the road might be hard to navigate.
Lil G running and squealing into big brothers arms
such a surprise for him to be here on a weekday
She didnt hide her delight
that is a foreign concept for her.
One more gift to add to the list.......
once the house was quiet and they had left with the empty trailer
she and I sat to enjoy an impromptu snack

cheese and crackers
laughter and signs
her hair gleaming in the lamplight
another gift
this moment
of prayers over cheese and crackers
being thankful for a simple snack
her reminding me to always be thankful
even for the simple things
Lil G continues to teach me
of grace......
moment by moment.....


  1. one of the first watercolor lessons i gave the kids was after we harvested all the peaches ...
    beautiful pictures from you today.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful post, Anna. Yes, moments must be captured, so they can be treasured again and again. :-)

  3. Little G looks SO awesome!, :)


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