Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 18-19 - Yarn along

My Tuesdays are just so FULL!
I have Bible study in the morning till lunch,
I rush home to tend to lil G, put her down for a nap
so we can go to Dance class.
Note to self: Do NOT tell Lil G that she needs to nap
so she can attend dance class when she wakes up!
Once again she has surprised me.
I hear giggling and squeaking of the bed at 2:45. Huh?!
She usually naps 3 hours.
I go into her room
the first word out of her lips is "Dance?!" (daaah-with the dance sign)
What is a mom to do but get her up and ready?
(instead of letting her sleep till the last.possible. minute.)
The whole time she is chattering about dance
and signing/saying "happy" I could have cried happy tears.
But I had already cried buckets.
grief has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it
So I just smiled with red-rimmed eyes
and kept working towards our goal.
If you were to ask me,"what are your goals for Lil G and dance?"
(Peeking in at the big girls dancing and wanting to join in)

I might have to think about it.
heres the list:
  • learning to follow directions
  • having a teacher other than mama/ papa
  • having something to look forward to each week
  • learning to interact with other children appropriately
  • learn spatial awareness. (lil G stuck her finger in her eye while signing bug- you put your thumb on your NOSE!)
  • good posture
  • learning how to gallop, and move her body parts appropriately on command
  • utilizing something she LOVES to accomplish these things and SO MUCH MORE
Her teacher and I were SO PROUD yesterday.
She has come so far in the past few weeks.
This is a very good thing.
We get home late, hungry, tired. No blogging.
Putting two posts in one will just have to do
because I am not going to give up and its the best I can do!

this was to be todays post.........

While son was helping me buckle the carseat in the car for ballet I checked the mail.
And a package arrived!
I won a contest last week~ and the gift was just so perfect.
Written by Amy Julia Becker
I started reading it last night and got to page 68 before sleep started to settle in.
I have been knitting on the prayer shawl for a much needed gift.
Ive ripped out several rows and was so thankful to start knitting and making forward progress.
I dont do well with charts and will be writing out each row before I knit it from here on out.
Ive had to do this before. Sigh.
Two rows knit before bed.
I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. Oh, how wonderful that Little G is so excited to go to dance class!!! I love how things have turned around for her, and I'm sure it is going to be SO good for her. I know your heart must be about to burst with happiness. :-)

  2. Gorgeous yarn, seriously beautiful. I've been falling in love with rich purple shades today...

    Your little one is so cute waiting to dance!

  3. I know about that sneaky grief, Anna! Sending (((hugs))) to you today, friend. So glad that little G loves dance. It will make reaching those goals so much easier! Is that the prawer shawl you are knitting, the one in the picture? It is beautiful! And your needles look like toothpicks! I tend to choose projects with needles size 15 or larger :)

  4. Oh my girls are just starting dance and they are loving it.
    I love stopping by here.

  5. The prayer shawl is going to be amazing.I just know it and good for you, as you are making it. Filling it with your incredible faith filled words from your heart, straight to Joany. And she will feel them, when she most needs them.

    You are such a kind and loving person and how it is we found our way to each other, I have no idea. You inspire me. You really do.

    And G, well, that beautiful girl. She is not only going to meet those goals, she will blow them out of the water and soar while doing it!

  6. this is so lovely, your girl, the shawl. i hope you have an easier time writing out the directions.

  7. I can't wait til we're almost neighbors!!! We must meet before did hear we're moving ti pcola, right??? Great post...glad I hopped by!


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