Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st

How awesome is this?!
The first day of October we wake up to a temp of 61 degrees.
A drastic change from yesterday- it wasnt even 61 in the house with the A/C running.
The first day of October marks the first day of 31 for 21.
Bloggers working together to raise Down Syndrome awareness.
If youve visited my blog or know me you will know our fourth child has Down Syndrome.
This was a choice.
We adopted our daughter knowing full well she had Down Syndrome.
In fact, It was the very reason we chose her.
Adopting a child at 4.5 years of age with down syndrome
looks nothing like bringing one home from the hospital,
or adopting a typical child.

"We are more alike than different"
I am praying that one day,
Little G will be more like her peers than different.

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