Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 24 -25-26

I will let you know in advance that I may have to end the month early.
I received a phone call from my oldest daughter Monday night, in tears,
There is no other way around it,
She is coming home.
I am torn, I know how badly she wanted to tough it out and do this without our help.
Given the economy, and the woman she moved in with, its not possible.
I am praying with all that is in me
that we can not only give her a room, but also space to heal.
In her present situation that isnt happening.
She isnt accepting alimony or anything from her ex-husband
so its been a hard road emotionally and financially.

So, today I will be getting our spare room ready for our oldest daughter.
We are planning on going out of town this weekend to visit my parents before my mother has surgery next week.(not sure if we will have to cancel with the new turn of events)
I am hoping I can type out posts for the remaining days of October,
but Im warning you now.
Weve been treading water for awhile and I need to grab a bucket and bail.

On to today's post real quick:
I have enjoyed reading other families stories
how Down Syndrome has changed their family and faith.
Our story is different in so many ways,
I had three biological children
pretty much grown
before we really felt we wanted to be parents again
and it included special needs.
It was a choice,
not a surprise when we were expecting something different.
It was planned.

I just read the new Book, " A good and perfect gift."
I am so glad for the families out there that are telling their story.
I feel that it not only empowers other families in the same place,
not having a diagnosis until after their child was born,
but reading her story is good for those of us that havent been through this,
to develop a sense of empathy.
Just because I have a daughter with Down Syndrome
doesnt mean I understand what each family has been through.
(just like my daughter being divorced- its teaching me a new way of seeing, caring for others)
The extended family in this book deserves applause,
I love the way her mother came and stayed with her after her daughters birth,
and continued to have such a huge role in their healing and day to day life.
I was a tad bit envious since both of our sets of parents live so far away.
(six and eight hour drives)
I also appreciated the authors honesty about her faith and the way that the birth of her daughter, and the forward steps they took affected her and her faith story.
Life has a way of doing that doesnt it.

This is how our Tuesday ended
A whole gallon of paint

not on the walls,
but the parking lot of our Big box store.
And daughters brand new jeans- worn for the first time
and favorite shoes.
By the time we got it fixed at the store
it had dried on her pants and shoes.
I asked them if they were going to replace them
they had to call the manager again.
After an hour of drama, no supper,
I left my number and asked them to have him call me. We ate supper at 8:30pm. Ugh.
(I bought a bag of cashews and drink when it looked like things would take awhile)
There couldnt have been any way the lid was on properly because it was spilling as it was falling
before it hit the ground.
(guy actually asked if we wanted another gallon of the same color? Really? Um no, Ive decided this one doesnt look good with my skin tone.)
I have many many things to add to list of things to be thankful for.
ummmm- it wasnt on my car, wasnt in my car, in my house........
you get the picture.

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  1. Oh, wow, you certainly did have a day! I'm so sorry to hear that your oldest daughter's having such a hard time - I don't know the story, but I'm sure being home will help to heal all, or most of, what hurts. And about the paint - UGH. Great. But you're right - it's all about perspective - at least it wasn't on the car!

    I'm going to be reading that book and writing a blog review on it soon - it's on its way. Looking forward to it!


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