Saturday, October 8, 2011

day 8- 31 for 21

In case youd like to know,
some things weve learned over the last year about lil G

1.Purple- Purple is her favorite color
2.she is a purist when it comes to food. No casseroles or one pan dishes.
Meat in one lil Ikea bowl,Rice, noodles or pasta in another.
And veggies in the third. ex: No mixed Tuna casserole. I save some peas to put in a bowl separate from the tuna/pasta mixture.
3.she loves cookie monster. Does a great impression.
4.She loves routine. We read stories yesterday after lunch, when we were done she jumped off and went to the bathroom and then got up in her bed. I didnt have to say a word. (it was a half hour before naptime but she was on a roll so I obliged)
5.she wont eat without praying over her food first
6. takes her "feeding the dog" chores seriously
6.loves Sesame street but NOT Abby's flying fairy school. We have to fast forward through that part every.single.time.
7.she likes water. It has to be cold with ice.
8.She has a sense of humor.


  1. Your little G and my little Liz would get along so wonderfully. :) Liz asks for cold water with cold ice often...:) Loves Sesame street and she has a purple room. routine uggg! totally my fault! I'm so not on the ball :)

  2. Can't wait for the day when we can make those lists for "L" (and "D"). Loving the 31 for 21, wishing I could convince my parents we need to add just one more to our paperwork so I can have a sibling with that magical extra chromosome... Maybe someday. :)


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