Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14- 31 for 21

Today I am joining the ladies over at studio JRU
sharing whats been going on in my studio.
(oh how I look forward to sharing on Friday!)
Since we live in NW Florida
Fall hasnt arrived in full force yet.
This morning I did wake to the sound of birds singing -
husband opened the windows. A new cool front.
Tuesday mornings I attend a Bible study,
We are reading "One thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp.
We left with a project-
find God around us and photograph it.
This is what I saw when I got in my car to leave.
A vine of heart shaped leaves bright yellow hanging down with a background of green.
It made me think of the many flowers and vines with heart shaped leaves......
Like God visibly showing us love through nature.
My artist eyes and heart sang with the thought of it!
We have two kinds of wild vines in our area with heart-shaped leaves,
then you add Scuppernog vines,
morning glories, moonflowers.
I saw them all day as we ran errands.
"God Valentines" all day.
I am knitting a prayer shawl.
Filled with love and prayers
to wrap around a dear lady going through a hard time.
It has falling leaves in the lacework.
And Ive been painting on these.
I was thrifting last weekend and stumbled on these SOLID
round back windsor chairs.
A little elbow grease, primer/paint-all in one
6 chairs for $50$15 in paint and sandpaper-Not bad.
(I also bought a $5 rocking chair for little G that needs the same treatment!)
Since I am also blogging about Down Syndrome Awareness this month,
Id like to add a thought,
My parents were so concerned that adding a little one
with that extra chromosome
would change our lifestyle, for the worst.
I can assure you,
I am just as busy now with the things that I love, enjoy
as I was before lil G, maybe even more-so
because I am so thrilled at seeing how love
a family
really can make a difference.
I can make a difference!
If you have time and havent read it yet,
take a peek at yesterdays post.

if you still have some time
Go take a peek at "whats in my studio"
if youd like to see some creative hearts at work.
Praying God sends you plenty of valentines this weekend...
I remain,
Under His wings,


  1. love your journal page, i am going to come back and visit again to learn more about your journey...

  2. The chairs look great, Anna! And I love your watercolor leaves, too. So pretty!

    I learned to make the nest in my sculpture here:

    Just in case you want to try them :)

  3. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us today. I love the leaves....and I love to see God in creation. His handiwork is truly everywhere!

    I love your knitting needles in the window too! What a beautiful work space.

    The prayer shawl will surely be a great blessing and the chairs look great too!

    God bless!

  4. Oh you are a brilliant watercolorist. I was so smitten with the skein of woolly yum and now these leaves are so bright with God dipped colors.

    I am loving your pages, they bless me and inspire me and they are real and honest and very good.

    Love that book, too.

    Much love & warm prayer shawl hug,

  5. Those chairs are going to be gorgeous! I am so happy for you.

  6. Beautiful journal page, thanks so much for sharing, much love Jenny

  7. Those leaves are beautiful! That's also a great prayer shawl and I know that lady is going to love it. Those chairs are a great find. I wish I could find deals like that, but then I guess I would have to look for them! Beautiful work!

  8. I always love strolling through your studio.
    Your book ... Sigh such treasured art... Your leaves tucked in.
    Love ut.

  9. What a lot of projects! I love your enthusiasm and creativity! Such a lovely idea, making a prayer shawl, I am sure she will feel God's love through you! Patsy from

  10. A prayer shawl WOW! How beautiful! and those chairs are just wonderful.

    I love the idea of your book. Your journal page is just beautiful...I am sure you will have lots of pictures of your little one in there too. I can't wait to see more.

  11. Love those leaves! I also love reading how lil G has blessed your life!

  12. A lovely post! Beautiful journal page and words!

  13. Wow... just look at all you beautiful creativity! Love it. I love that your group left with a project of finding God around you and photographing it. Fantastic! How sweet of you to be praying God sends us plenty of valentines this weekend. So sweet! You too Anna! ♥


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