Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good morning mama-day 2

I mentioned yesterday,
I have a hard time when little G is with her peers
At home I compare her to "where we were a year ago".
When we have a play date
I am reminded
Of just how far we have to go
But I wont give up.
I know
without a doubt in my mind
that there is a lot
that she just needs
Words to express.

This morning
she was up early with Papa
I had a hard time waking up
remember my back is KILLING me
so the meds I took before bed
made waking up a little harder than usual.
I was greeted by a sweet little one with hugs and
"Good morning Mama" (signed)
a lump in my throat
"Good morning my little G____-girl"

Maybe one day this will be possible for our little one?
Thankful that we have come a LONG way
in how we view others with different abilities.
We still have a long way to go,
with little G and others
paving the way.

while I am at it
blogging for 31 days about something important.


  1. Thanks for telling me about your recent letter. I find your posts inspiring.

  2. So glad you'll be doing 31 for 21!!! Looking forward to your posts. :-) I love how she woke you. So sweet.

  3. I am sorry your back is still hurting, Anna. I'm praying right now! You are such a blessing, with your tender mama heart, to your beautiful girl :)


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