Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7- 31 for 21

What a busy day we had yesterday!
Lil G had a follow up appointment with the audiologist.
I am so thankful she found the words
so that I could "hear her"
When the first audiologist said Lil G had "mild hearing loss"
and referred us to another office to get hearing aids.
I was hearing "mild HEARING LOSS"
I mean, isnt that why we would be going for hearing aids?
but its not,
its just mild hearing loss.
like hearing loss seen in many adults.
Adults that dont really notice it.
the only reason for any concern is
we want her to have every advantage to developing speech

She sent us home with a pocket talker
for lil G to try over the weekend.
She can wear it when we are working with reading and school time at home.
The head phones are way too big, (an easy fix)
but at least we have a chance to see if it helps
and if she will actually tolerate wearing it.

"I accept you as you are!"


If you give a mouse a cookie....
He will want a glass of milk.
He will want to draw a picture
He will ask for crayons and paper.....
(she likes to point out each crayon and sign its name)

The rest of the day included
running errands,
while I was thrifting she had to say "hi!" and wave at every.single.person.
A trait which used to freak me out,
now.... I am growing to love it.
think of all the people that didnt/wouldnt have gotten a kind word
or smile
if we hadnt crossed their path?!
naptime and H*bby Lobby- more handshakes and greetings
spending time at the yarn store to watch everyone knit
and wowing them with her new word
it was
she kept talking about yarn
ball of pink,
blue, green, yarn.
she went home with papa for supper and bedtime
while brother and mama stayed in town for Trig study group and knitting.
this is what Down syndrome looks like for us today.
"more alike than different"-yes
Im loving the ways she is different.......


  1. Love to read all your posts for this month...looking forward too all 31!!! Keep it up 'cause it's fun to see so many cute pictures of her!! :)

    Blessings, Jennifer

  2. A very, very sweet post, Anna. It looks like she tolerated the headphones perfectly! I'm so glad it's only mild hearing loss, but I totally get what you're saying about wanting to ensure she has every advantage available to her to help her to speak.

    A fantastic day. :-)

  3. What an adorable girl you have. I LOVE her!!! I just love it when a child waves at and talks to everyone she sees it just tickles me so much. Your so right about how a little "hi" it can brighten someones day. ~ But, I do understand how it could freak you out. My biggest fear is someone walking out of the store with one of my kids. Now, all I have to worry about is the five year old but not all the time because when my little boys are around 6'3 and 6'5" they watch her like they are her body guards. It's wonderful having the older children ...I should have thought of that first. :)

    WOW! You home schooled your three oldest and now your working on your fourth. How wonderful! My oldest son graduated from home school high school last spring and as you know IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! Now, after 9 years and most everyone around me telling me there is no way I could do this home school thing I know I can do this home school thing.

    Sometimes we just have to say to each other. "Your doing a great job! and I think your amazing." ~ So I say to you ~ Your doing a great job! and I think your amazing.

    xoxo, Lisa


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