Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23 - Faith in Action!

Today I am blogging about Down Syndrome Awareness......
and my church family.
The church is made of people
all in different places in our faith journey
broken people and broken processes
It is what it is.
I know many people wrestle with finding the right church.
I am a firm believer of being part of a community
We have been members of this church body for a long time
Our denomination moves pastors around more often than I would prefer.
Thats my only complaint......
not looking for perfect, just forgiven.
its all grace.......

God used my church family to help bring Lil G home
really, I dont know if we couldve done it without them
so thankful I dont have to know.
Lil G isnt the only member of the church with special needs
I continue to pray that the ministry grows
and includes something for everyone.
Does your church have many with different ablilities?
are there programs to foster spiritual growth for everyone?
As a child lil G doesnt need anything special.
But I can see that over the years things will change
the gap might need to be filled in a different way.
I can see that its needed for the Adults in our congregation that with Down Syndrome.
Some of the families attend two churches to have all the needs met.

Today I was thrilled to arrive ready to serve,
you read right.
We went to church to BE the church.
Tonight we will go back for Spagetti supper on the grounds and Worship in the Evening.
ALL my peeps will be going and I am praying with all my being
that God meets them there.
I cant wait to go back and hear the stories and interact with the new people I met today.
(Paul Lil G and I went to deliver a meal to a shut-in. )

(Getting ready to pray before we go)
While the meals were being prepared to be delivered

Lil G and Papa went to play on the playground
I wrote notes in cards
You wanna hear how many were written
for the care packages we are putting together for soldiers?

I had to take her to look at the punkin's while Papa went to get the truck.
She wouldnt look up to have her picture taken....ugh.....
and felt the need to move them around.
Organization seems to be one of her gifts/talents.
Will come in handy since its not one of mine.

I remain,
Under His wings,

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  1. Sounds like there are many great ways to involve your sweet girl. We spend much thought ref. our boys. There is almost no place for them to be a part of things- now or later as far as we can see. No others with special needs. Many people here-aren't exactly too on board with making changes; there's strive and ugliness. I don't want to fall into the 75% of families w/ kids with SN's who don't attend church. We're trying to figure out what to do. Please keep sharing what you see works at your church for including people with differences; maybe I'll get some ideas.

    Blessings, Jennifer


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